Fat Finger Interactive Archive of Poll Questions

Click this text to access the Fat Finger Archive, which contains poll questions dating back to Feb 2014. In the Archive you can filter for polls that contain any terms by typing them into the search box. If filtering for multiple terms separate them with ‘+’ for ‘and’, or a ‘,’ for ‘or’. For instance if you type ‘DNA, evolution’ (no need to use quotes) into the search box it will return all questions that contains either ‘DNA’ or ‘evolution’ in the question or answer options. If you type ‘Putin + Mueller Report’ into the search box it will return all questions that include both ‘Putin’ and ‘Mueller Report’ in the question or answer options.

You can also filter for polls that refer to geographic locations by using interactive maps, or AI generated topics that machine intelligence has determined are in our history of questions (such as Donald Trump, Iran, etc…), or ‘curated lists’ on topics such as fast food, robotics, DNA etc…

Once you’ve got a list of filtered questions, click on a question to see the results. Using the tabs to the right of the question click on ‘weighted’ to see overall results, click on ‘by_type’ to see results broken down by age, gender and political affiliation in graphic form, or click on ‘grid’ to see demographic breakdown in graphic form. To display all 4000+ questions clear the search field and hit ‘return’

Be aware this interactive archive is in Beta so there are kinks to be ironed out. But even in Beta it’s a trove of interesting bits of US public opinion waiting to be unearthed.

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Past poll question results are listed below in reverse chronological order (most recent at the top). For a searchable database of our past polls dating back to 2014 please click on the ‘Fat Finger Searchable Archive’ tab above.