Install Fat Finger to rate the 2016 Presidential Debates — in real time


Install Fat Finger ( for Android or IOS) to live-rate the three Presidential Debates (the next of which is Wednesday October 19, 2016 at 9pm). Express your opinion on the musings of  Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump  while seeing the aggregate response of all participants–in real time. It’s like joining  a CNN or Fox focus group from your living room (or wherever you and your phone plan to watch or listen to the debate). At the start of the debate, simply open your Fat Finger app, your cell phone becomes a ratings device and voila–your opinions will be bestowed on more than just your cat.

Also, on most weekdays, Fat Finger will send you a set of three questions on events and topics of national interest. After answering each set  you will see how your opinions compare to the nation’s.


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