If you Could ask Pres Trump Any Question…

Two days after the inauguration, 206 users told us what question they would like to ask the new President.

To be fair, many of the responses were questions of the rhetorical variety, such as
Why do you act like such a jerk? (23%)
Or When will you release your tax returns? (8%)
Or Why do you lie so much? (8%)
Or How can we thank you for making America great again? (6%)

With regard to policy,
What will replace Obamacare? (7%)
When will the wall be built? (2%)
Will you shrink the deficit? (2%)
How fast can you reduce regulation? (2%)

Concerns about Russian connections, and how to reform the liberal media also received 2% each, while Birtherism (pro and con) and ‘locker her up’ (pro) came in at 1%.

Abortion, climate change, guns, immigration also came in at 1%.

No other topics got more than a single question, but included North Korea, minimum wage, and the future of pipelines.

We quote here some of the other questions that fell in to a category of one:

“How could I help”?

“Could you please put in funding for fusion research”?

“Would you please consider taking up the practice of mediation or yoga”?

“Please bust the nuts of the DNC and Leftard media”

“Do you like oatmeal”?

“How is Barron taking all this”?

“When are you swinging by my place to visit a fellow Penn Quaker”?

“There’s nothing to ask”


  1. Why do you assume that questions about release of his tax returns is rhetorical? Given the number of times he said he intended to release them, it seems to me to be a perfectly valid non-rhetorical question.

  2. Obama and the Clintons, lied, stole, and spin, more than any other administration in history! I just does fat finger not acknowledge that fact! How could the Clintons have more than 200 million dollars and never have a real job? Why do you not report that?! Why do you not point out things like the fast and furious B S of Obama or the true Benghazi lie about blaming it on a VIdio or the corrupt people working for Obama, or the amount of vacations, free rides and waste Obama spent while in the Whaite house!? Why do you not talk about that?!

    1. Hi Ray,
      We don’t report anything except the answers to our questions!
      As for those questions and answers, scroll through our posts, you will see a number of questions about the source of Hillary Clinton’s income, who knew what when wrt Benghazi, and the work and purpose of the CGI.
      (Two examples of Benghazi questions are ‘Runtime’ and ‘Lie of the Tiger’, from 2016 and 2015 respectively. If you type each of those titles in to this blog’s search box you will see them.)
      As for vacation days, we don’t think they are particularly relevant given that a President is always on the job.
      That said, at least one source says GW Bush took 406 vacation days at the 6 year mark of his term v 125 for Obama at same point. (And if you add in trips to Camp David, the gap is even wider.)
      But again, we don’t beleive vacation days to be important, so we haven’t asked about it wrt to any president.
      Meanwhile, neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton are making policy today, so we don’t have as much reason to ask about them as we did in the past.
      After all, we never asked about Donald Trump until June 17, 2015.

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