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  1. Dear Fat Finger, your questions about Net Neutrality are very confusing. Who is charging what to whom? As a consumer, I should pay for my usage: customer A who streams three Netflix movies a day should pay way more for service than customer B who visits momandpopsockshop.com once a week. But if the law allows Netflix to pay for the bandwidth so that A and B are charged the same monthly rate, then the access to momandpopsockshop will be crowed out. You may have to pay for what you use, but everyone has equal access to the Internet!

    1. hi Bill, sorry for the confusion…it is a confusing topic, though you are right the question could have been better stated.
      it would appear you already know this, but in short net neutrality largely involves the content providers (netflix, espn.com, etc…) and whether the owners of the pipes (the cable companies) content providers use to get their content in to your home or office can treat content differently depending on the provider. Google and netflix, as two of the biggest content providers/users of the cable companies pipes, don’t want to pay more for taking up most of that resource. the cable companies want the ability to charge each content provider as they see fit.
      as you write in your example of momandpopsocks potentially being crowded out, that is the question: no one wants mom and pop crowded out, but plenty also don’t want the cable companies to be told how to price their wares. so which of those two ‘evils’ do we choose? speaking just for myself i say let the cable companies charge what they want as they most likely wont price momandpopsocks out since bandwidth is so cheap these days, esp when you are momandpop and dont use much of it. its really google and nflx and the other heavy users that care about this issue as they may see their costs go up meaningfully if cable can price as they see fit (which is why google is building their own pipes). so it is likely big players and not small that feel the pinch if cable companies can price as they see fit. i feel that in cases where the free market doesnt seem to cause undue harm (esp to the little guy) , we should avoid regulation. and this appears to be one of those cases.

  2. Why no option on the Gunter Grass question to respond it makes no difference? There’s usually at least one question per week that doesn’t have an option it should to really cover every valid option or a typo or some other issue. Is there any more direct way to report things?

    1. hi leo,
      we debated adding the ‘no difference’ option but today’s question was an example of a time that we leave that out so that a respondent must make a choice between (perhaps) hard-to-choose-between options. we appreciate your feedback and you can make comments more directly via the comment screen on the app (which is in the information section).
      in the future we hope to add the ability for users to make comments visible to all on the results screen on your phone (similar to the way readers can comment on online articles.)
      thanks again for your input,

  3. Fat finger, the questions you ask really are almost impossible to answer, since they often contain assumptions that reflect you personal bias or ignorance. For example, today’s question about Obama’s “free trade” bill fail….aarrggh…first of the all, no bill with hundreds of pages of rules is actually “free trade”…regardless of its name, it is heavily managed trade. Second, the answers provided reflect a view of the presidency as all about being impressed or not with his political power and who supports him, rather than judging him on his policies….just one example there. Most of the time there is no way to actually express a valid opinion due to the inherent biases and assumptions within the questions.

    1. we appreciate your comment. wrt this question we were trying to gauge how the president was viewed in light of the defeat of his initiative, not whether people were for or against the bill–we had already asked what opinion was on the deal trade deal itself back on april 24 (https://fatfingerblog.com/2015/04/30/raisin-detre/)..opinion was marginally against, though nearly 50% said they didn’t know enough about it to say.

      also, while we offer no opinion on the free trade merits of the bill, just because a bill is long doesn’t mean it can’t be about preserving free trade–for instance it could be defining what would constitute ‘unfree’ or unfair trade practices (levying tariffs, government support of domestic exporters, etc…).
      thank you for your interest, and any specific examples of bias, or of desired answer options not being available in questions past or future are much appreciated. please send them along via the comments feature on the app or here.

  4. Did you shut down your app? I was trying to download it to my new phone and found that it cannot be found on Google play. I’m going to miss it if that is what has happened.

    1. hi Thomas,
      app is still up and running, but you are correct, its not listed in the play store. thanks for letting us know, we are now looking into it. (it is still in the ios store, not that that helps you). will let you know when we know more.

    2. update: android have changed their terms regarding personal data. in our case, because we ask for an email address during onboarding, we need to implement a change. the fix that will get the app back in the store soonest is to stop requesting email addresses (which we use when responding to those that comment to us in the app). we are submitting a new version of the app in the next day or two, and presume android will review/accept this new version within a few days. we will send a message here when it is back in the play store. thank you again for bringing this to our attention, and for participating in our polling.

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