Foreign Affairs

All In The Family

A majority of Americans say Hunter Biden acted unethically in Ukraine, but are spilt on if Joe Biden did.
A majority say neither acted illegally. 

A majority say the Trump family is the least ethical from among the Bidens and the four most recent presidential families. 

A majority say members of a president's family should be barred from working for a foreign company and from working in the administration. 

Across the Atlantic

55% say President Trump called US war dead 'losers' and 'suckers', 41% say he did not. (56%/36% among Independents). 85% say if he did, it's not OK. 
63% say he called John McCain a 'loser', 23% say he did not (63/10 among Independents) , and 64% say if he did it's not OK. 

Aussie Rules

Among Americans, Scharzenegger is best know person born in Austria, just ahead of Mozart, Hitler. 
75% says US will eventually produce higher pct of its electricity from renewables than Austria does (currently US 17%, Austria 63%). 
Americans don't want to emulate Salzburg, which allows grave sites to be rented, but not bought.