Town Criers

54% say the #debatecommission was right to go virtual for debate#2, though a plurality say a debate would have been 'better' than Town Halls

About 30% of Biden viewers and of Trump viewers thought they did well at their respective Town Halls

A plurality say fact that viewership was tied bodes well for Biden

Beehive State of Affairs

US pub opinion on #vpdebate:
#KamalaHarris won debate over #mikepence 41/34
#SusanPage better moderator than #ChrisWallace 50/21
Pence had #pinkeye 36/30
Prefer #Biden tax plan to #trump 's  43/35
Against #Dem #courtpacking 59/32
Believe Dems will pack court if given chance 55/27

Confidence Game

86% of Trump voters, 85% of Biden voters are 100% certain their choice is best for country

74% of those that believe in God, and 37% of those that do not are 100% certain they are correct

20% are 100% certain they can discern fake news from fact all the time