Vice-like Grip

92% say Biden publicly committed to choosing a female VP
33% said he publicly committed to choosing a black VP. 

47% say Pence will run for president some day
34% say they would consider voting for him if he were nominee
15% say he will become president at some point


The Mail Gaze

84% say election should be held as scheduled on Nov 3
74% say absentee voting is safe and secure
52% say mail-in voting is safe and secure
47% say they are more likely to vote if easy mail-in option
37% are for mail-in made easy even if it delays results by more than 3 days

Poll Positioning

A majority of Americans don't trust national presidential election polls, and a plurality don't trust state presidential polls...but half of those w an opinion were surprised to learn 2016 national poll avg (only) missed by 1.2 pts.