House Call

3% would pay a premium to buy a house a fictional serial killer lived in (30% would need a discount)

4% are interested in staying in Ralphie's house from 'A Christmas story' (which is a real-life option)

33% plurality correctly ID'd Brady Bunch house as (reputed) 2nd most photographed house in US (behind White House)

Beehive State of Affairs

US pub opinion on #vpdebate:
#KamalaHarris won debate over #mikepence 41/34
#SusanPage better moderator than #ChrisWallace 50/21
Pence had #pinkeye 36/30
Prefer #Biden tax plan to #trump 's  43/35
Against #Dem #courtpacking 59/32
Believe Dems will pack court if given chance 55/27