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53% say Pres Trump was inconsistent between what he told the public about the threat from the coronavirus and what he told Bob Woodward, and that it was wrong to do so.  
50% say Trump underplaying threat of virus was wrong approach. 
Each of these are roughly in line w Trump disapproval (51%). 

Ship Shape

Pct that say res candidates should be mandated to release--
10 years of tax returns -- 54%
10 years of health records -- 58%
Result of cognition test -- 78%

Who's in better physical health?
Biden/Trump 42/36
Better cognitive health?
Trump 49/39 (Independents 51/34)

Across the Atlantic

55% say President Trump called US war dead 'losers' and 'suckers', 41% say he did not. (56%/36% among Independents). 85% say if he did, it's not OK. 
63% say he called John McCain a 'loser', 23% say he did not (63/10 among Independents) , and 64% say if he did it's not OK. 

Aussie Rules

Among Americans, Scharzenegger is best know person born in Austria, just ahead of Mozart, Hitler. 
75% says US will eventually produce higher pct of its electricity from renewables than Austria does (currently US 17%, Austria 63%). 
Americans don't want to emulate Salzburg, which allows grave sites to be rented, but not bought.