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53% say Pres Trump was inconsistent between what he told the public about the threat from the coronavirus and what he told Bob Woodward, and that it was wrong to do so.  
50% say Trump underplaying threat of virus was wrong approach. 
Each of these are roughly in line w Trump disapproval (51%). 

The Mail Gaze

84% say election should be held as scheduled on Nov 3
74% say absentee voting is safe and secure
52% say mail-in voting is safe and secure
47% say they are more likely to vote if easy mail-in option
37% are for mail-in made easy even if it delays results by more than 3 days

Test Tube

Among Independents, 40% say say Pres Trump gave order to slow down COVID testing, another 27% say he didn't but wanted to. 65% oppose ending fed funding for testing, 29% approve. 41% of Republicans say they would not attend a rally this week due to fear of COVID.