donald trump

Results Oriented

72% say it was fair of reporter to ask Pres Trump if he'd commit to a peaceful transfer of power
56% say Trump's answer was unacceptable
35% say they can see supporting  Trump should he not accept results
25% say they could see supporting Biden shld he not accept results

Ruth or Consequences

Americans say #RBG stance on women's rights is biggest factor in her popularity

58% say #scotus vacancy opening before election helps Trump, 24% say Biden

39% say say a nominee will be confirmed prior to election, another 27% say after election/before inauguration, 22% say after inauguration

Audio Visual

53% say Pres Trump was inconsistent between what he told the public about the threat from the coronavirus and what he told Bob Woodward, and that it was wrong to do so.  
50% say Trump underplaying threat of virus was wrong approach. 
Each of these are roughly in line w Trump disapproval (51%). 

Ship Shape

Pct that say res candidates should be mandated to release--
10 years of tax returns -- 54%
10 years of health records -- 58%
Result of cognition test -- 78%

Who's in better physical health?
Biden/Trump 42/36
Better cognitive health?
Trump 49/39 (Independents 51/34)