peggy noonan

Dumb and Dumber

Peggy Noonan saying what we hadn’t heard said before, but a meaningful percentage have thought

What could be under ‘other’? Borscht? Petrodollars? Tchaikovsky?

So there is hope for me, middling grades from a middling middle school?

Declarative Sentence

How did Peggy Noonan do in her WSJ op ed in pronouncing American opinion on Iraq? Lets look at three of her riskier presumptions.

Noonan opens with a win as she wrote  “..the old American emotionalism, the assumption that the people of Iraq want what we want, freedom and democracy, is over.. .”  (Though we don’t confirm what Americans thought Iraqi’s wanted 10 years ago, we confirm that American’s don’t think Iraqi’s want democracy and freedom now.)

Then a loss– “Americans have the feeling that what America has to do now, the missing part of the terrible puzzle, is to rebuild here, … unleash our energy—let it bound out of the ground and help turn our economy around”

And a tie?  “…Americans want to be the most powerful and respected nation in the world, because we are Americans and that’s how we roll.”