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(This questionnaire was closed after only 30 minutes as the patch for iOS 7.1 users to respond to write-in questions hadn’t been released yet–so the results should be considered ‘representative’ rather than ‘super precise infallible’)

“Nation, you know how I rely on the persona…”

The potato and Guinness crowd aghast at the Irish on Irish crime

The responses to the write in question “Colbert has 6 million twitter followers, but follows only one person (Bill Clinton).If you could follow only one person, who would it be? ” ran the gamut.

Over 200 people got one vote, including Donald Trump and Charlie Daniels, Elon Musk and Iron Maiden, William Shatner and Desmond Tutu, @Daily_Kale and Diane Sawyer.

But the clear winner was Barack Obama with 8%.

Following Obama were Pope Francis with 3.5%, Ted Cruz and Neil DeGrasse Tyson with 3% each.

Rounding out the top 10 were Rush Limbaugh, the Dalai Lama, Hillary Clinton, Jon Stewart, Glenn Beck and yes, Stephen Colbert.

If God and Jesus Christ were counted together they would have knocked Colbert out of the top 10.

Among those whose Twitter accounts have been closed but received votes were Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein and Kurt Vonnegut.